R12 Robots

The R12-500, Firefly is a complete self-contained five (optional six) axis vertically articulated robot arm system designed as a cost effective solution for bench top automation. Applications include testing, sample handling, machine feeding. The hand terminates in a mounting plate for grippers, vacuum cups etc


R17 Robots

R17 (Deucaleon) is a low cost entry to robotics, fast, accurate and reliable and easy to program. It has a long reach and therefore a larger and much more useful workspace than comparable machines


R19 Robots

R19 is a low cost entry to bench top robotics, fast, accurate and reliable and easy to program. It is of the cylindrical format with four axes ideally suited to working in a plane around the robot. Like our other robot arms it is excellent value fast and accurate. The mechanics are incredibly simple and phenomenally reliable



Electric fulcrum gripper for R12 - E1 Fulcrum (scissors action) version, Pneumatic grippers for R12 and R17 Small pneumatic grippers, Vacuum pickup - Available for all models, configured to suit the application, Tool changer system for R17 - In order to switch between gripper and vacuum pickup



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